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Yoga at Creative Flow Studios

Hatha Yoga

This class is moderately paced and includes alignment instruction. Movements are designed to help enhance strength and flexibility in the body while promoting relaxation and a general sense of well-being. This class is accessible to most students and includes variations for beginners and students continuing to grow in their practice.

*Accessible for students new to yoga

Morning (Yin) Yoga

Yin yoga is suitable for all experience levels. Poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body – tendons, fascia and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Mostly performed on the floor, poses are held for up to five minutes; this more meditative approach to yoga will build core strength in a gentle and passive method.

*Accessible for students new to yoga

Gentle Yoga

This class is instructed with a relaxed pace and is very accessible. It includes gentle movement designed to help enhance stability and mobility in the body. Students enjoy this class for its stress reducing, restorative, and feel good qualities.

*Accessible for students new to yoga

Hot Yoga

This class takes place in a heated room for increased detoxification, circulation, and elasticity of the muscles. We use a creative vinyasa style flow that improves flexibility, muscle strength, and overall balance.


This is a 30 min class designed to help students learn mediation and gain the support of a group environment.

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Public Yoga Class Descriptions

At Creative Flow Studios, we have created a beautiful and peaceful space designed to provide you with a unique yoga experience. We offer a wide variety of classes provided by amazing instructors. Some classes are designed to accommodate beginners and others will challenge experienced students, while some do both. Classes often include a theme or idea to help make the practice more meaningful to the students. All of our instructors are certified and trained. Each yoga teacher brings their own techniques and personality to their class in order to make it a fun and interesting experience. 

Additionally, the studio provides a variety of props and equipment including cotton blankets, yoga blocks, and belts to assist you in your practice. We also have sand bags and eye pillows to enhance your savasana. If you own a mat we encourage you to bring it, but we do have yoga mats available if needed.   

Types of Yoga services provided

Public Yoga Classes

See our class schedule for days and times | See our class description below

Join a public class to enjoy the benefits yoga in a relaxing group setting. This is an affordable way to enjoy yoga with a trained and qualified instructor. You will also be able to meet others who share your interest in yoga. Check out our yoga schedule for the days and times of our public classes. We also offer a variety of price options for yoga classes and several different styles. 

Private Yoga Instruction for Small Groups

Available by appointment | Minimum of 3 people

This is a great option if you and a few friends want to practice yoga but not in a public class. Instruction can be designed to fit your group's unique interest and needs. It is easy to organize. Get your friends together and contact an instructor of your choice to set up a day and time. Try it once or set it up on a reoccurring basis. Classes are held at Creative Flow Studios.

Private Yoga Instruction for 1 or 2 Individuals

Available by appointment

Private yoga instruction can be tailored to your unique interests and needs. This is a good option for individuals who would like to use yoga to correct misalignment in the body and those who are not comfortable in a group setting. This is also a good option for beginners who want to experience yoga before they jump into a public class and expecting mothers.

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